This is my journey about my introduction to computers and programming.

The first time I had a computer I was 11 years old. I remember that I was so impressed by it and I learned things very fast and I loved working with it all day. The first OS we had in our PC was Windows ME, and later XP. I always had a passion in creating things since those ages, therefore I started tinkering with tools that, well, created things. For example, I remember working with Icon / Cursor Makers at the beginning and I loved creating icons and cursors for my desktop. We also had MS Office suite (wasn't a surprise since most people with Windows in their PC had a copy of Office too). I really liked how PowerPoint and presentation tools worked, though I didn't use it for presenting stuff: I used it to create apps! Yes, I found it interesting in creating app-like slideshows which user had to interact with it. For example, I've created a slideshow for one of the albums of Enrique Iglesias, which had a splash screen as the first slideshow. Then a list of songs would appear and user was able to click one of them and then another slideshow would appear with the song being played automatically and the lyrics printed on the screen. Users would also be able to click the Back button and choose another song, and so on.

Later I discovered Multimedia Builder and boy I loved it very much! Now I had more power in creating things, since MMB had the ability to write scripts. I think this was my first time encountering some kind of coding/scripting tool. I wrote an app using MMB which was a multi-tool / multimedia app. It had many tools built it like a music player (which I think I spend the most time on), video player, a browser (using IE engine), a notepad, etc. I really loved that app because I spent so much time designing and scripting it. After that, I learn a little bit of HTML and also Setup Creators like InstallShield, InnoSetup, etc.

At the age of 15, I finally started to learn actual programming and build desktop apps. The first language I learned was Visual Basic .NET using Visual Studio. Me and my brother started a cyber company called JetSoft Corporation and we've created many desktop apps for Windows using VB.NET. We've created apps for backing-up, splitting files, managing clipboard, reminder and many more. Among the best apps I've created was JetSoft Web Search, a web search tool with plethora of options; and JetSoft Install Now, a setup creator which was never released to public but it was used internally for our apps (the installer of JetSoft Web Search is actually created by this tool). While we were enjoying creating desktop apps, at the same time I started learning more about web development. I had very little knowledge in HTML, but I started working with CSS, JS and PHP too. The same year I started learning programming, I've created a web portal using PHPNuke (with my friends backing me up in terms of costs for the domain and host) and that way I also learned a bit more about web development. Sadly 6 months later our hosting and domain was brought down because the company we purchased them from was suddenly vanished; and since we didn't have any Domain control panel we lost the ownership of our domain too. I learned a big lesson that day (it was my first time buying host/domain) and next time I payed more attention on choosing the provider and having control over the domain ownership.

The next year, I started working at a company called Sabz Co. (later renamed to Rayafarhang Institute) as a junior developer. It was my first job with physical attendance. There I was the sole developer for many apps that the company requested. From small tools like an enterance automation tool to family friendly apps and also enterperise softwares like a full-featured CRM (Sky CRM) and a professtional Scan/Photo management tool (Scan Studio) - all using VB.NET and MS SQL. I gained a lot of professional experiences thanks to the beloved CEO of the company who was a great guy! I was very young at the beginning (16 years old) and he taught me a lot of non-technical-related things too to improve my lifestyle.

To be continued...